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The Art of Recreation Therapy

Ann Argé Nathan, 2003, paper, 94 pages
ISBN 1-888956-05-4
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About This Book

The Art of Recreation Therapy is for recreation therapists who want to be inclusive in their practice: the neediest clients in any groups, the shy, the disabled, the withdrawn, the reluctant. These are people for whom the group provides validation, offers emotional support, gives positive social opportunities and experiences.

No one is excluded in Ann Argé Nathan’s myriad examples of the do’s and don’ts and how-to’s of practicing recreation therapists. She brings 25 years of experience as a recreation therapist, educator and consultant to the subject of using recreation therapy activities to assess clients.

Full of good advice, The Art of Recreation Therapy contributes to best practices in the field. It offers professionals and students of recreation therapy an array of ideas, advice and techniques — all filtered through Nathan’s unusual sensibility and sensitivity.

“As clients draw us into their confidence and share their hopes and concerns, their pain and suffering may emerge,” she writes in the introduction. “That, in turn, may remind us of our own struggles and the greater suffering in the world. How can we then be fully present and compassionate and proceed with our work?”

About the Author

Ann Argé Nathan, an oft-honored recreation therapist who worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, has left this, her second posthumously published book, as a legacy to the field. She died of breast cancer in 1995 at age 47.

Nathan practiced at Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco and taught at San Francisco and San Jose State universities. She worked with groups from adolescents to elders, developed recreation and play therapies for children, and offered recovery services to the developmentally disabled.

Nathan left behind two book manuscripts. Therapy Techniques — Using the Creative Arts was co-authored with Suzanne Mirviss and published in 1998 by Idyll Arbor.