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Help: Nonprofit Businesses South of Market & Tenderloin

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HELP, our new resource guide, is a compilation of private nonhousing service providers. It bridges South of Market and the Tenderloin, illustrating the commonality of need in the central city’s major residential neighborhoods.
This area is dense with nonprofits. People from all over San Francisco come here for help. Our guide includes feature stories that tell you more about the less-known services of major providers on both sides of Market Street, and give a feel for how they are delivered.

There is much available to residents of the central city. Many services are free. There are services for young people and old, in a spectrum of languages and serving an array of gender. We have included some public programs that offer unique or essential services such as the Main Library and Bookmobile, the playgrounds, and certain health care and substance abuse programs.

If the service you offer in the central city was left out of our guide, or if your program has changed services, location or contact info, please email

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