Study Center History

Founded in 1972 to demystify the workings of local and state government through a newsletter and special reports, Study Center has evolved into a multiservice organization but one still focused on disseminating information about public interest issues.

We help our clients produce anything — educational materials, brochures and billboards, annual reports and special reports, logos and letterheads, books of poetry and three-ring binders, children’s stories and printed materials of all sorts in literally dozens of languages.

Study Center has two imprints of its own — Many Cultures Publishing, which markets and distributes multicultural curriculum materials nationwide to school districts, universities, libraries, and public and private agencies, and Study Center Press, which produces and distributes books for human services professionals nationwide.

In 2000, we began publishing Central City Extra, a monthly newspaper for the Tenderloin, Civic Center and Sixth Street corridor. It is the first nonprofit neighborhood newspaper in San Francisco and the only one whose professional journalists also can report from a community service perspective, thanks to our longtime experience as a fiscal sponsor of innovative, successful services in public health, behavioral health, children and families, and the arts.

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Geoffrey Link, Executive Director

Marjorie Beggs, Senior Writer and Editor

Lise Stampfli, Art Director and Photographer

James Bangura, Director of Finance

John Nuñez, Bookkeeper

Leonor Vera, Compliance Coordinator

Tom Carter, Mark Hedin, Jonathan Newman,

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Geoff Link

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Geoff Link


Board of Directors

John Burks, President

Richard Livingston, Vice President

Jim McWilliams

Ben Fong-Torres

Stas Margaronis

Reiko Homma True

Tina Tong Yee

Hazim Elbgal