Fiscal Sponsorship—6 Ways To Do It Right

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"Fiscal Sponsorship:
6 Ways to Do It Right"

Gregory L. Colvin

“Greg Colvin's book is simply the best resource one could want in understanding an important and growing strategy to help small and emerging nonprofit activities.”
Drummond Pike, President, The Tides Center
“There is a right way and a wrong way to go about the use of fiscal sponsorship. Mr. Colvin's book brings much-needed sunshine and clarity to those who want to do it correctly.”
— John Edie, Director, Exempt Organizations Tax Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers
“With IRS audit activity on the increase, it is vitally important for every charity that engages in fiscal sponsorship to know the rules and pitfalls. This book covers them all in clear, understandable language.”
— Marcus S. Owens, former Director, IRS Exempt Organizations Division

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A Slice of Life
From the Heart of San Francisco

Life stories of 99 residents who died
in San Francisco’s historic,
lowest-income neighborhood,
selected from
obituaries published in
Central City Extra.

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Dec. – Jan. 2016 – 17 – issue available online. Click here


Central City Extra has suspended publication. We hope the hiatus is temporary.


Central City Extra - November 2016




Patient Access Navigation
Transgender Health Services

Patient Access Navigators monitor the care of patients from the point of enrollment through a year after their surgery. They are the patient’s primary point of contact with THS and maintain a caseload of clients in various stages
of transition-related surgery.

For more information:
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Job Announcement

Slice of Life Cafe internship program is seeking applicants for Cafe internship positions located at Community Behavioral Health Services site at 1380 Howard Street.  

For a list of essential duties and qualifications:
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